Wait... You thought I was going to propose?

Episode 321 · November 26th, 2021 · 1 hr 28 mins

About this Episode

Interesting Nonprofit updates at Luke's Notre Dame ongoing studies. We talk about a fascinating thing: contract failure and market failure.

Gomer rethought his Libertarism due to the realization that corporations have more money than many governments. Anarcho-capitalism sounds nice (if you have money).

Thanksgiving plans for the boys. Luke goes to the Cabin in the Woods. Gomer invites The Woodlands.

Epic failures in Proposals for both Luke and Gomer. Shannon likes to tell this story.

And we close with comments on Fr. James Jackson's arrest for child porn. This was Gomer's confirmation sponsor. Gomer knew him really well when he was in high school but hasn't maintained contact in 20 years, so there's that. Real talk: I was utterly and completely shocked at this accusation. I hope he's innocent but it doesn't look good.

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