Ecumenism isn't Watered Down Christianity, with Nathan Smith

Episode 322 · December 3rd, 2021 · 1 hr 54 mins

About this Episode

Guest: Nathan Smith, Director of Ecumenism for Glenmary Home Missioners and the Field Representative for USCCB on Ecumenism
Podcast: Glenmary Unity: “Interviews and discussions from Christian ministers and theologians on ecumenical efforts between Catholics and Evangelical and Pentecostal groups.”

*How Luke introduced us via email: *
“Nathan, meet Gomer. Gomer, meeting Nathan. Nathan is now a Catholic that works for Glenmary doing ecumenical work. He was a Protestant pastor, loves Benedict and Balthasar and dresses very well.

Nathan, one time Gomer and I spent 8 hours in rural Mingo Junction eating $0.25 wings and drinking $5 pitchers until it closed. It was awesome. Gomer, Nathan has to endure standing next to during the US - Mexico game after I'd been drinking since 2:30 pm. I lead an awesome life.

*Topics range from: *

  1. Seeker-sensitive church movements and creating a Sunday service for the unchurched and not for the churches. The pros and cons of this movement within protestant Christianity and now how it's being adopted whole cloth into Catholicism
  2. The process of how Nathan became Catholic
  3. Deconstruction within evangelicalism and is that coming to Catholicism? Is it the same thing? What are the differences you see?
  4. You had the unfortunate experience of being next to Luke in the US men's national team soccer game against Mexico where they won 2-0. How much therapy are you receiving via
  5. Ecumenism doesn't have to be watered down or fake. Ecumenism can actually mutually enrich both sides if both sides keep truth as the central aim.
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