This Show Ended Our Friendship

Episode 135 · March 30th, 2018 · 1 hr 24 mins

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Luke tells me grace builds upon nature, again, but then he says that's why parishes need to study how to run successful non-profits. Wait a second. Hold on a minute. Didn't Luke pour haterade on everything I said in the past that involved similar suggestions? We yell.

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  • VIA Catholic — VIA is a way of life that is joy -- a boundless horizon. Our initiatives extend a personal invitation for youth, youth ministers, campus ministers, coaches and athletes to seek the face of Christ in the life of the Catholic Church. They are opportunities to enter into a journey marked by companionship that shapes the way we live our lives and carry out ministry. VIA is movement.
  • Youth Evangelization and Discipleship | Archdiocese of Cincinnati — We seek  the face of Christ in the life of the Catholic Church and bear witness – inviting youth to join on the Way.
  • VIA Missionaries — VIA Catholic — THE VIA MISSIONARY INITIATIVE  As VIA is a movement of the Holy Spirit at work in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, we are looking for a unique gift of self from our missionaries. These individuals answer the call to serve the youth of the Archdiocese by radically living out the mission of VIA as part of a community seeking the face of Christ in the life of the Catholic Church and bearing witness -- inviting youth to join on the Way.
  • Catholic Young Adult Liturgy Conference — During this weekend you will participate in five fun and challenging classroom lectures with Liturgical Institute faculty members, plus a special evening presentation called “Drinking With the Saints,” which includes a "liturgical" cocktail tasting. Chicago Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Perry will join us for Sunday Mass with the beautiful music of the Liturgical Institute schola, after which he will speak on the value of liturgical tradition. Each day will be enriched by sung Mass and chanted Liturgy of the Hours, and your room and all your meals are included in the registration fee.