Luke Starts a Cult

Episode 134 · March 23rd, 2018 · 47 mins 5 secs

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  • Gomer and Luke are creating Catching Foxes | Patreon — Tired of consuming, we decided to create. And you listened, which is kind of amazing. So, we are going all in and creating the type of show you've always wanted.
  • Jonestown Massacre: What You Should Know About Cult Murder-Suicide - Rolling Stone — A look back at the infamous 1978 mass murder-suicide, one of the most harrowing tragedies in American history
  • Dear Franklin Jones — Growing up, Jonathan’s family was a little different. They followed a controversial spiritual leader named Franklin Jones.
  • Covenant Communities: Are They Cults? — Since my article "Covenant Community: A failed promise" was picked up by Cultic Studies Journal several people have asked whether I thought that covenant communities such as People of Praise, The Word of God, Alleluia!, Sword of the Spirit, etc. are cults. Even though there seem to be 'cultish' aspects to them, I doubt that they are. Members are free to read the papers, go to the church of their choice, vote Republican or Democrat, work for secular firms, and join Rotary or Kiwanis. There is no physical restraint.
  • How to Cult – Medium — From Heaven’s Gate to the Peoples Temple, cults have captivated the public consciousness for decades. Perhaps it’s because we lack a consensus on how they function: Cult members often don’t realize that they’re in a cult, and the rest of us want to think it could never happen to us. But could it? In this series, Kathleen Toohill peels back the layers of cult psychology, history, and logistics to bring clarity to this contentious, and occasionally dangerous, grey area.
  • Author on Rise, Fall of a Charismatic Community - - YouTube — Author on Rise, Fall of a Charismatic Community -
  • 'Holy Sh*t, We’re in a Cult!' - YouTube — EnlightenNext was an organization, founded by self-styled guru Andrew Cohen, that aimed to facilitate spiritual awakening. Cohen’s most devoted students meditated for hours—at times, months—on end, were often celibate, and lived together. However, what started as an idealistic venture quickly turned into a complicated, sinister world. Read more:
  • Why do people join cults? - Janja Lalich - YouTube — Why do people join cults? - Janja Lalich