Catching Foxes

Two guys talking about the collision of faith and culture. Discussion over Instruction. *Occasionally explicit.

Your Interview

Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed by Luke and Gomer!


1- It all starts with Skype. We ask that you sign up for Skype and put it either on your computer or your smartphone. We use software to record both sides of the conversation. If you are unable to get Skype, we can use Skype to call a phone number, but please note the audio quality suffers greatly.

We NEVER use video in our Skype interviews. It takes up too much bandwidth and can ruin the audio. So feel free to be in your PJ's during the interview! No one will know.

2- Use headphones! Keeping the audio in your ears prevents the microphone from picking up our end of the conversation, which makes for ugly-sounding audio.

3- Apple Computer? Use QuickTime Player! Every Mac comes with a powerful and free piece of software called QuickTime Player. Open it up, go to "File" and select "New Audio Recording" and make sure the input is your microphone set up, then we will tell you when to hit record. This is called a double ender. When everyone records their own end, Skype's wonkiness won't end up in the final result and you will sound great!

4- Windows Computer? Unfortunately, nothing like QuickTime Player exists on the Windows side. The best thing I can tell you to do is get the free Audacity software, but it's complicated and involves you installing something that I don't have enough experience with. We will rely on our software that records the Skype conversation as is, and if there are annoying artifacts that Skype introduces, we will just have to use it. Thanks, Bill Gates!


We are known for "Discussion over Instruction", which means this is a conversation, back-and-forth. This isn't an interview in the formal sense, where we ask you several pre-scripted short questions. We want our audience to get to know you first and foremost, and then the thing that you're known for.

"Wait. Is this the show?"

Almost everyone we interview asks that question because we just start talking. We do not do an Intro in most cases. We just start talking. It's a lot of fun but can throw some people off. Please be assured, however, that we will delete anything you request of us. We are not the news. We aren't trying to catch you in a lie or something. But sometimes people are caught off guard and maybe say something reserved for us in a private conversation that they don't want to be mentioned on the show. That's cool. I'll delete it!

Concluding the show

We respect your time. Nearing the 60-minute mark we will ask you if you want to keep going or to begin to wrap up. Our wrap up consists of you plugging anything you want: social media accounts, websites, products, etc. This is "shameless self-promotion" time and is set up explicitly for this purpose. We cue this section by thanking you for coming on the show and asking "Where can people find you?"