Locally World Famous

Episode 78 · February 25th, 2017 · 1 hr 29 mins

About this Episode

We discuss our amazing MEETUP and LIVE RECORDING at Deacon Baldy's on March 8 that all of you should buy a plane ticket and come out and hang out. 

A big THANK YOU to our fans who have downloaded this show from iTunes. We are ranked Number 178 out of the Top 200 in the Religion and Spirituality category. This means we were ranked higher than Bishop Barron's Sermons! Take that! (I love you, bishop Barron, please be on our show). 

In this episode, Gomer goes pee and Luke literally talks to himself, but I drown him out with The Girl from Ipanema. Like a gentleman.

We talk about Trump and the Johnson Amendment. Just remember that the Johnson Amendment was pushed by LBJ in 1954 to protect his re-election because the local Christian groups in Texas were calling him a communist and he didn't want pastors preaching against him. Interesting, but it still has merits. I do not want my pastor telling me who to vote for, but at the same time, until 1954 all pastors and non-profits were able to do this. Blah.

Luke asks about how to talk to teens about death, and since my parish just experienced the death of a 20-year-old, it was a very pertinent question. Hard, though. 

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