Husband, Dad, Priest, Oklahoman: an interview with Fr. Justin Fletcher

Episode 352 · August 14th, 2022 · 2 hrs 51 mins

About this Episode

Fr. Justin Fletcher is a priest of the Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter. He was an Episcopal priest, married with kids, and converted to Roman Catholicism. He is also a student and lover of the Catholic liturgy and explains things so incredibly well. I interviewed him about two months ago in my house at 9pm with my buddy, Brian Jones, and we ended around 2am, which was awesome. This was my first recording using my new soundboard and I screwed up MY microphone. So I apologize.

Topics Include:

  1. the Readings (Lessons) and why they are doxological and not didactic
  2. what lay people are expected to do during Mass
  3. how the novus ordo tends to cater to those wanting didacticism
  4. how Catholicism is different in kind, not degree, from all forms of Protestantism
  5. Oklahoma living
  6. Irishman joining the ... Anglican-use Ordinariate?
  7. shedding culture and reclaiming culture
  8. rootedness and being settled in one's surroundings and people
  9. Funeral liturgies and my desire to die
  10. funerals are not a 'celebration of life'
  11. CS Lewis' book That Hiddeous Strength
  12. Finally, what's it like being a married Catholic priest?
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