Genitals are NOT a Footnote! with Christopher West

Episode 337 · April 2nd, 2022 · 1 hr 44 mins

About this Episode

We got Kanye West's older brother, Christopher, and his friend, Mike Mangione to talk theology of the body, gender, genitals, generation, music, waterskiing, and God is Beauty, a retreat Saint Pope John Paul II gave to artists in 1962. Incredible stuff

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  • God Is Beauty book — Originally delivered in 1962 for artists — and made available now for the first time in English — Karol Wojtyla’s penetrating spiritual exercises on divine beauty and its reflection in our humanity (and the art it produces) remain as timely as ever.
  • Revealed: Live Immersive Experience — Experience this LIVE event online for free from May 13-15, 2022. We are also offering two in-depth premium experiences! Dive deeper with our Premium Online Ticket or join us in-person with our Premium In-Person Ticket. Tickets are very limited for our In-Person Experience.
  • Theology of the Body Institute
  • Books – Theology of the Body Institute — BOOKS ABOUT DAT BOOTY... or the Theology of the Body
  • Mike Mangione — BUY MY ALBUM!