Mass Misinformation in Our Ten Minute Topics!

Episode 330 · February 11th, 2022 · 1 hr 29 mins

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Opening Conversations

  • YouTube Channel: Clean My Space video channel
  • Health Segment: Working Out and our Apple Watches
  • Coworkers who listen, Coworkers who go out of their way to tell me they don’t listen. And College Buddies, too!

Questions from the Patrons! ###

Aaron: Best super bowl food and what will Luke be drinking as he cheers on his Bengals?
Carey Dip: Cream Cheese, diced sweet onions, diced kosher dill pickles, pickle juice to taste, sit overnight. It’ll thicken overnight.

Sean: If you could destroy one social media platform in order to help humanity, which would it be?

Ryan: I struggle with how to write this one so I will do the best I can... I know you have talked about it but it is really coming out, even more so because of COVID and is moving faster. I believe it is the weaponization of calling things you don't agree with as dis- or mis- information. How does this all end?...

Alycia: Can someone please explain this synod on synodality? I don’t understand what we (The whole Church) are doing…

Michael: Ideas on how a meeting about meetings is actually impactful to the church and if maybe the church should focus less on community/world impact and more on feeding its congregation that’s starving?

Thomas: What are you guys reading right now?

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