WE'RE BACK! And we bicker like never before!

Episode 325 · January 8th, 2022 · 1 hr 50 mins

About this Episode


  • Christmas stuff (Luke's tired, Gomer napped),
  • Eucharistic Desecration with Masks,
  • Old Man Problems,
  • Gomer's new YouTube Religion and Luke's flawless diagnosis of his religious pursuits,
  • Exodus90 and liturgical life
  • Feasting and Fasting and why we need both,
  • the Original Fairy Tale stories,
  • Books Gomer is reading, which leads to...
  • Liturgy and Pop Culture,
  • Spider-Man and all things superhero.
  • Finally, Nostalgia Porn and reboots (Matrix Resurrection)
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Episode Links

  • Clean My Space - YouTube — You know you want to watch it.
  • Jim Trelease's Home Page — AFTER writing his million-copy bestseller, The Read-Aloud Handbook, in 1982, Jim Trelease lectured in all 50 states and abroad, advocating the benefits of reading aloud to children. In doing so, he won the applause of both teachers and parents for his pleas in behalf of literacy efforts that contain less "pain" and more focus on turning books into friends, not enemies.
  • Once Upon A Time | Podcast on Spotify — Behind the technicolor confections of Disney’s most beloved films, there are age-old tales of friendship, adventure, heroism — and treachery. In this special collection of Parcast episodes, celebrate the timeless (and twisted) stories that first inspired the animated hits, and trace the legacy of the original Imagineer, Walt Disney himself. Once Upon A Time is a Spotify Original from Parcast.  Society Culture
  • Josef Pieper - In Tune With the World
  • Daemon - Kindle edition by Suarez, Daniel. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com. — When the obituary of legendary computer game architect Matthew Sobol appears online, a previously dormant daemon activates, initiating a chain of events that begins to unravel our interconnected world. This daemon reads news headlines, recruits human followers, and orders assassinations. With Sobol’s secrets buried with him, and as new layers of his daemon are unleashed, it’s up to Detective Peter Sebeck to stop a self-replicating virtual killer before it achieves its ultimate purpose—one that goes far beyond anything Sebeck could have imagined...
  • Kill Decision - Kindle edition by Suarez, Daniel. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com. — A scientist and a soldier must join forces when combat drones zero in on targets on American soil in this gripping technological thriller from New York Times bestselling author Daniel Suarez.
  • Principles of Sacred Liturgy - Liturgy Training Publications — Principles of Sacred Liturgy not only introduces pastors, seminarians, permanent deacons, diocesan directors of worship, and liturgical ministers and coordinators to the laws and rubrics of the liturgy, but also to the theological, liturgical, and pastoral rationale that informs them.
  • The Culture of the Incarnation: Essays in Catholic Theology — Emmaus Academic — This book is a collection of essays which have been published by Professor Rowland on themes in the theology of culture. Taken together these essays explore the foundations of a culture built on the humanism of the Incarnation.
  • The Spirit of the Liturgy (Milestones in Catholic Theology) - Kindle edition by Ratzinger, Joseph. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com. — Originally written in 1918, this profound reflection on the nature of liturgical worship still stands as a guiding light for today's renewal of worship and prayer. In poetic terms, it clarifies the underlying principles and existential implications of the belief that when Christians join in the Eucharist and other liturgical celebrations, they do so not as discrete individuals but as interconnected members of the one People of God.
  • Andrew Garfield Responds to Fans on the Internet | Actually Me | GQ - YouTube — On this episode of Actually Me, Andrew Garfield goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from Twitter, Instagram, Quora, Wikipedia, Reddit, YouTube and TikTok. Can he actually sing? Is he ready to address the rumors surrounding 'Spider-Man: No Way Home'? Who played his favorite Spider-Man?
  • The Tragedy of Macbeth — Official Trailer | Apple TV+ - YouTube — Academy Award winners Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand star in Joel Coen’s bold adaptation of a timeless tale of murder, madness, and wrathful cunning. The Tragedy of Macbeth streaming on Apple TV+ January 14 and now playing in select theaters.