Episode 319 · November 12th, 2021 · 1 hr 11 mins

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*Marvel/Disney Topic: * The Three Worst Marvel Movies

Meta: Lithuania loves Catching Foxes

Also, we chat about US nearly going to Nuclear War.

Gomer's chapter-in-a-real-book: Wisdom and Wonder is now on sale!
Which leads us into The Book Saga of Luke.

*Main Topic: Anima Technica Vacua. *
What it is, how it's got ahold of Elon Musk, why it's Grace vs. Nature, and how Media Strips us of Legacy.

We end with Discord Questions from our Patreon supporters.

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  • Beakle the Bird - A magical book for large families by Anthony D'Ambrosio — Kickstarter — Beakle and the Star Stone is a "family book" designed for large families' story times.  
  • Senlin Ascends by Josiah Bancroft | Audiobook | Audible.com — The Tower of Babel is the greatest marvel in the world. Immense as a mountain, the ancient Tower holds unnumbered ringdoms, warring and peaceful, stacked one on the other like the layers of a cake. It is a world of geniuses and tyrants, of luxury and menace, of unusual animals and mysterious machines. Soon after arriving for his honeymoon at the Tower, the mild-mannered headmaster of a small village school, Thomas Senlin, gets separated from his wife, Marya, in the overwhelming swarm of tourists, residents, and miscreants.  Senlin is determined to find Marya, but to do so he'll have to navigate madhouses, ballrooms, and burlesque theaters. He must survive betrayal, assassins, and the illusions of the Tower. But if he hopes to find his wife, he will have to do more than just endure. This quiet man of letters must become a man of action. 
  • How Lucky by Will Leitch | Audiobook | Audible.com — Daniel leads a rich life in the university town of Athens, Georgia. He’s got a couple close friends, a steady paycheck working for a regional airline, and of course, for a few glorious days each fall, college football tailgates. He considers himself to be a mostly lucky guy - despite the fact that he’s suffered from a debilitating disease since he was a small child, one that has left him unable to speak or to move without a wheelchair. Largely confined to his home, Daniel spends the hours he’s not online communicating with irate air travelers observing his neighborhood from his front porch. One young woman passes by so frequently that spotting her out the window has almost become part of his daily routine. Until the day he’s almost sure he sees her being kidnapped....
  • Balthasar, Baseball, and the Anima Technica Vacua | Whosoever Desires — Forget about enjoying those nostalgic sounds of the ball hitting the bat or mitt.  Even carrying on a conversation with the person next to you was impossible.  At one point, the friend with whom I was watching the game turned to me and yelled in my ear, “I used to like baseball because it was a contemplative game!” But a contemplative game it no longer is.  As the nation’s pastime, baseball serves as a mirror reflecting larger movements in American culture: think of the struggles to integrate the game which preceded the civil rights movement, the zany uniforms and hairstyles which surfaced after the unrest of the late ’60s, or the amped-up patriotism baseball manifested after 9/11.  The changed atmosphere in ballparks from places of relative quiet punctuated by occasional cheering and organ music to coliseums containing frenzied maelstroms of electronically produced sound evidences the diffusion of the spirit of the anima technica vacua throughout our culture.
  • Catching Foxes Episode 102: Explosive! Anima! Technica! Vacua! — We've talked about the "anima technica vacua" a bunch of times in the past, but now we do a deep dive, especially how the empty soul of the modern West affects our patterns of thinking.