Emergencies in Cincinnati, with Mike Schafer and Sean Ater

Episode 314 · October 9th, 2021 · 1 hr 25 mins

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Managing Decline?: 2% drop in Mass attendance per parish, per year. Average Sunday Mass is 1/3 full. This has been getting worse - and it's be tracked and known - for 20 years, but no one has done anything. They got used to the decline. They got used to the emergencies without the urgency that crises can motivate. Beacons of Light, criticized by Rod Dreher as trying to put a nice spin on dire circumstances, is also evangelization and discipleship centered.

*What are the Families? *

  • 208 parishes under 109 pastors, common pastors but not coming together.
  • Some of the 109 pastors are over 70 and some even over 75 (post-retirement)
  • Final set of 60 families will be announced this year
  • Spring, priests will be announced as pastors - 49 of them will not be pastors, some will finally be able to retire.
  • We want Father to lead his new Family- are we ready to lead the New Evangelization? Archbishop Schnurr sees the needs as hyper local, so he’s supportive but leaving the pastors to decide for their own communities…

_Luke's Money Quote: _I don’t think people get how bad it actually is! The Emergencies are everywhere. The Catholic Church is an afterthought!

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