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Episode 312 · September 25th, 2021 · 1 hr 36 secs

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Topics include:
What do you do if you're afraid of sex?
How do you cultivate the right kind of knowledge of your partner before marriage?
"Noone could be a man unless his father has died. "- Freud

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  • Father's Day and the Death of the Father | Psychology Today — Boys who were raised without fathers fill our prisons. They are slower to launch, being more inclined to stay closer to the home, which is symbolized and embodied by the mother. The father represents the world beyond the boy's home. Just as important, a father transforms a boy into a son. A male and a female can create a boy, but only a father can create a son. This is a symbolic act. Luigi Zoja, an Italian Jungian psychologist, has written a full account of this in his wonderful book, THE FATHER. Last, consider this: In his relationship with his mother, a boy first learns he is lovable. A mother's love should be unconditional and infant boys do not respond to this with love, but rather with gratitude. Love for his mother follows in reaction to being loved. In his relationship with his father, however, a boy first initiates loving another human being. He does this as forming a foundation for identifying with a male. A boy identifies only with someone he first loves.
  • You Become a Man When You Lose Your Father | THE SCG SHOW — When my father passed away, I knew the responsibility lay on my shoulders. Meaning all affairs, assets, responsibilities were transferred to me and my brother. We had to deal with it. When you lose your father, it lies with you. Now taking responsibility does not only make you a man but is an essential thing about becoming a better person.
  • You Become a Man When You Lose Your Father | Self Improvement — This video is about how you become a man when you lose your father. There are four things that really make you a man when you lose your father.