Sin as Micro-dosing Divinity

Episode 302 · July 10th, 2021 · 1 hr 2 mins

About this Episode

Saturday: Last full day of school, if Luke can get his paper done today.

Tension in a program like this that is executive, and nature of time crunch, you are constantly forced to prioritize how much time and attention to give each individual task. Tension in Luke’s cohort: Luke loves intensity of the schedule- Meeting after meeting, decision after decision, restraint after restraint- but the others are upset that it’s too intense and things are getting lost in the shuffle. But that’s the point. You’re becoming a better non-profit executive, not an expert, researcher, or professor. You just need the ground under your feet.

Gomer bought a minivan for cash after telling his wife “We aren’t getting a minivan today.” He didn’t even pull out of the parking lot yet before he made the decision. It checked the boxes and was inexpensive enough.

Gomer likes talking shit about people. Why? You are called to be a tiny god, but you aren’t acting like it, so you stomp on others to fake elevate yourself. A micro-dose of divinity. Sin as false-theosis, self-divinization is always pulling God down to our level, whereas divine filiation is God lifting us up to His level, as it were. The goal is to feel more than human, but I cannot do that for myself, so I have to bring down other humans. Yet, to be “more than human” in reality is to be humble, realizing that you can’t make yourself more than human on your own, you need God to do that. But why work? Why asceticism and mortification? If I have free will, where does God’s grace come in? The hypostatic union is the only answer!

Also, the woman who cut my hair was flawless. She was dead quiet. Never small talked with me once other than “do you want what you got last time.” And that was it. Once she hummed along with the song for like 15 seconds but that was more pleasant than disruptive.

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