Six Types of Working Genius and Ministry

Episode 297 · June 4th, 2021 · 1 hr 22 mins

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-Luke killed a mouse, Gomer’s wife killed a scorpion, while Gomer was naked
-Take Gomer to the Woodshed: Nonviolence and the violence in protests follow-up

Gomer D.I.S.C. profile for staff, majority of which were “Stability” but the YM were “Innovative.” The YM is where you find the creatives and the envelope-pushers, but the rest of staff had the Stable personality, and so they hate change as a part of their personality. So you have a real reason why no one paints the walls or puts up beautiful artwork or challenges the status quo. Luke's experience of the “Catholic Creatives” working group where the culture screamed: New things are respected (and expected)!

Remember, each of the six types of working genius are verbs, it’s who you are and what you do. This idea of the verb really opened Luke to the process of the Working Genius as a process. Looking at these different approaches, however, really helped Luke see where he was strongest and weakest, where my strengths were, and also how Catching Foxes came together. Also, we both suck at Tenacity! (thanks for keeping us alive, Kate.)

A few examples:
**Discernment: **Sometimes the hyper-spiritualizing of “all things” leads to false action. We think “God put this on my heart” but that doesn’t mean we don’t think through the problems, or MAYBE that's just our way of smuggling in our ideas in a religious context. I mean, who's going to question God's will for your ministry?!

Galvanizing: We forget that we aren’t just speaking to the people in the pews, but to the staff! We need to galvanize the staff, inspire them, and move them. We need to minister to their needs in a way that gets them involved in a mission.

Enablement: No more victims of unvoiced expectations, or worse, shifting unvoiced expectations! Enablement is not the same as letting someone do their job description, but training, working with, feedback, coaching, etc. Help them do the right thing- connect and cooperate.

-Luke and I both suck at Tenacity!

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