Sacred Art, Progress, and How to Argue with your Spouse

Episode 296 · May 28th, 2021 · 1 hr 22 mins

About this Episode

We start talking about Sacred Architecture and crappy churches, which moves the conversation to Sacred Artwork and how we advance them without getting lost in the lameness of the fad or the trendy. Then halfway we hit on the topic of arguing with your spouse. We end with a "Keeping up with the Kardashians" moment of "Take Luke out to the Woodshed".

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  • The Dream of the Rood - The Abbey of Misrule — And it really was everything. No aspect of daily life was unaffected by the story: the organisation of the working week; the cycle of annual feast and rest days; the payment of taxes; the moral duties of individuals; the very notion of individuals, with ‘God-given’ rights and duties; the attitude to neighbours and strangers; the obligations of charity; the structure of families; and most of all, the wide picture of the universe - its structure and meaning, and our human place within it. 
  • Sacrosanctum concilium — Holy Mother Church has therefore always been the friend of the fine arts and has ever sought their noble help, with the special aim that all things set apart for use in divine worship should be truly worthy, becoming, and beautiful, signs and symbols of the supernatural world, and for this purpose she has trained artists. In fact, the Church has, with good reason, always reserved to herself the right to pass judgment upon the arts, deciding which of the works of artists are in accordance with faith, piety, and cherished traditional laws, and thereby fitted for sacred use. The Church has been particularly careful to see that sacred furnishings should worthily and beautifully serve the dignity of worship, and has admitted changes in materials, style, or ornamentation prompted by the progress of the technical arts with the passage of time. Wherefore it has pleased the Fathers to issue the following decrees on these matters.