Yearly Themes 2021 Edition

Episode 275 · January 1st, 2021 · 1 hr 19 mins

About this Episode


What does A Very Special Carey Christmas look like? What does The Gormley Family Christmas Celebration entail? You'll find out in the opening 10 minutes. Then we dive into our very different New Years' Eve activities for another 20 minutes. We are very wordy, but it all flows into our annual YEARLY THEMES SHOOOOOOOOW!


Luke evaluates Gomer's 2020 theme of Habit and Gomer evaluates Luke's 2020 theme of Committment. Then they both do some self-examination and get a bit more critical of themselves. AKA, This is where Gomer sucks. We also realize how ADHD impacts us and how to adjust accordingly. For instance, Luke prays the Rosary when he gets to a certain part of the highway and Gomer lays out his stuff


The Year of Humility. Gomer realized through abandoning social media that he has been justifying his own self-righteousness and gossipping about others if he perceives an injustice by that person to him. Alasdaire MacIntyre talks about the virtues of Justice, Humility, and Patience are all required to acquire a new craft. Justice means giving to experts and mentors their due. Humility (and humiliations) means repeated failures in public in order to get the flywheel spinning on learning a new talent. Patience means being patient with myself as a stumble forward. This applies to Gomer's workouts and scheduling appointments with doctors and dentists. He is getting anxiety just typing this!

The Year of Falling In Love with the Process. Luke realized with the Graduate School and the baby, he's going to be drinking from a firehose. This means limiting intentionally all of the other distractions that hit him. Setting minimums allow him to reduce the friction around good actions and habits, but with being open to going longer on the good stuff, like praying for 15 minutes. He should pray for 30, but sometimes that creates a daunting effect on his ADHD mind, so he will only commit to 15 and if it goes longer, great! The goal is to fall in love with the process.


Luke's Top Fives: Watched the movie Silence, building the Catching Foxes Team, discovering Chess this year, the run that Catholic Stuff You Should Know is currently on, and Everyly being born and all of the things that went into that!
Gomer's Top Fives: The Carnivore diet, my new leadership position in the parish, writing a chapter in a book that will come out in a couple of months, My New York City trip with Shannon, and Cecilia's First Confession and Holy Communion.

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