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Episode 259 · September 8th, 2020 · 1 hr 58 mins

About this Episode

Sorry for the delay. Life is a never ending gauntlet of suffering, loss and bitter partings. Anywho, Gomer was unable to record. Luke put out a few random requests for pitch-hitters on Twitter and Instagram, AND SO MANY OF YOU RESPONDED!

This was such a fun epsiode to record. I think you'll enjoy it.

There are three interviews on this epsiode. First, Luke chats with Lucas Hennesey, a friend from colllege and normal life, about being a 'Traddie,' the Latin Mass, and being a person of faith in a world quite often hostile to it.

Then Luke chats with Bernadette Dalgetty from An Eldless Pursuit, a husband and wife wedding photogtpahy team. They chat about the creative process, starting a business and other stuff. Very cool chat.

And then. It finally happens. Sarah Rose Bort and Sarah Rogers make their much anticipated debut. We chat about our experience leading ministdry together, the importance of mentorhsip, what happens when a leader with a "strong personality" leaves (I'll let you guess who that leader was), and other stuff that I cant remember.

Three unique conversations that I very much enjoyed. I think you will as well.

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*Fun links.

Old St. Mary's Catholic Church Hands down, one of the best Church's in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

An Endless Pursuit Photography

Archdiocese of Cincinnati Young Adult Insagram Page @Cincyyoungadults

Sarah Rogers Twitter - @theysayrogg

Sarah Rose Bort Instagram- @Sarah_rose16

Sarah Rogers Instagram- @thesayyrogg

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