The September Challenge and Cognition

Episode 258 · August 28th, 2020 · 1 hr 6 mins

About this Episode

I didn't have power at all yesterday due to Hurricane Laura. In fact, at around the 1-hour mark of this episode you will hear as the power went out in the middle of the show! Luke and I continued and wrapped up by him chatting with me over my phone while we both recorded our own ends on our own laptops. That's the glory of not relying on Skype to provide the actual recording, just the interaction.

OK, enough of that.

We are going to launch a September Challenge for Patrons here. The goal is mental and physical health as COVID gets really, really old. More information to follow. All Patrons can join in at any Tier (thinking of you, Rebecca!).

After introducing "Sexodus30", we then talk about Luke's Dave Chappell Show experience in the fields outside Dayton with his lightweight wife and how "tired" they were the next morning. "Tired" is Steubie speak for "politely hungover".

Finally, we end the show with a conversation on the importance of human agency in the context of cognition. Gomer, you see, loves Audiobooks and is an auricular learner, but so much of his investment and instruction with his kids revolves around reading and writing. Luke loves this and reveals that he is on a project recently of handwriting every down at work, including emails, before he sends them, creating a much more thoughtful experience.

Then my power goes out and we wrap up the show.

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