You're Going to Be OK!

Episode 220 · November 29th, 2019 · 1 hr 31 mins

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Michael Federman
I’m part of a men’s group who rarely talks about Christ, the Gospel, or the Beatific Vision. Rather, we spend the time really uncharitably attacking Pope Francis, LGBT issues, and talking about the narrowness of who will be saved. To me, we have this backwards. What advice can you give to me about changing the dynamic of this group?
Ian Ludden
Do you have any tips for 20-something-year-old Catholics on how to balance maintaining old (high school, college) friendships with creating new ones? Other than starting a podcast together? :)
Jared Stremel
I am getting married on Saturday, November 30, and would love to hear from you guys some things that would have been helpful to know as a newlywed. I'm going to let that go any direction you want, but I would like to hear something about strengthening the faith of a newlywed couple. Thanks! -
Katie Ruvalcaba
I’d like to just hear ten minutes of encouragement on how friggin’ slow and plodding raising kids in the faith is. Just like every day adding in those little graces and disciplines that add up to making a child a saint but which seem to be ineffective in the short run. You could probably just say “it’s ok, it’s gonna pay off in the end, you’re doing a good job. I’m so sorry you’re so tired” over and over for 10 minutes…
Paul Martin
Totally agree with Katie. Would Love to hear some encouragement or tips on raising kids in the faith with conviction in a time like this when the world seems to be so far against us. also… Living and showing your faith in a secular workplace. I work in a large defense contractor as an engineer. And I want to know better how to show that I am Catholic.
Anthony Bones
You guys joke about money but how do you stop yourself from comparing yourself to others who make more? Do you ever struggle with jealousy or anything when you look at other podcasts that have more listeners?
Father Brian Hess
An update from Gomer on his prison ministry. (I just started doing ministry at a minimum-security center and I’d be curious about the comparisons)
Brendan Gormley
What is you favorite religious order (can be male or female), and why? Hypothetically, in an alternative universe where you were called to religious life, which do you think you'd join?
Bradley Stiver
You’re on death row, what’s your last meal?
Moira Fleming
What is some music you listen to that is ostensibly secular but has inadvertently transcendent themes? Or, more specifically, is Sufjan Steves' " To be alone with you" about Jesus or another man?

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