Your Questions Answered! Poorly!

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Your questions answered, poorly!

Facebook Questions

Why does Catholic social media hate Fr. James Martin so much?
Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or a thousand duck-sized horses?
-side note 1: STRANGER THINGS SEASON 2!!!!
-side note 2: READY PLAYER ONE! (and Spielberg)
-side note 3: WIL WHEATON
-side note 4: The Fall of White Male Hollywood because of Harvey Weinstein
-side note 5: Matt Fradd and the tide against pornography
What are your thoughts on Purity Culture? Slut-shaming? Why do we only talk about the virtue of chastity?
What about human formation? etiquette?
Thoughts on Star Wars 8: "The Last Jedi"
Gomer goes on vacation with his wife on December 14!
Shot out to Matt Field Jr. and Clare Kane and the beer they got me (with Dane) while I was doing a Philly parish mission!
Another shot out to Theresa Willaims and her aggressive posting on Facebook!

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