Pastor Joey Has No Answers

About This Episode

Today we interview Pastor Joey Svendsen from the BAD CHRISTIAN podcast, which describes itself as Post-Christian, or Post-Evangelical, or maybe just Post-Bible-Belt-Evangelicalism.

We start off talking about the annoyance of Small Talk, problems with having 80 inboxes and managing expectations for all those inboxes. Then we turn towards post-evangelicalism, emergent church, and other things that Joey is wrestling with openly on the show. What happens when our community's standards are more political and less biblical, and thought gets clamped down?

We end talking about a pastor's authority vs the priesthood and Apostolic Authority vs Sola Scriptura, especially as it stands out in Post-Evangelicals wrestling with major moral issues, like homosexuality and gay marriage, or major biblical teachings, like eternal conscious torment in Hell.


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