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Episode 74 · January 27th, 2017 · 1 hr 13 mins

About this Episode

Luke and I interview Brad and Kellie Farley, founders of www.ModernTestament.org and a couple in the midst of fighting to save their marriage from alcoholism and infidelity. They drew strength by hearing other people's nightmares, and how they made it out alive. Inspired by their stories of brokenness, hurt, and recovery, they began to fashion a website for people to do the same thing on a new kind of website. The Modern Testament is how you describe the Holy Spirit working in the midst of your brokenness. I'll let Brad tell it from his post on Medium:

For me, 2016 was getting fired for the first time, coming to the realization that I was a piece of shit person whose arrogance and selfishness put those around me in bad spots, dealing with a failing marriage, coming clean about 7 years of secrets and lies, and my wife’s first-hidden then public alcohol abuse.

Religion was my turning point. Always a casual Christian, I dove deep and found the inspiration to make real, substantial change. That’s not everyone’s driver though, but a simple fact remains: when we are vulnerable and honest with each other, pretensions fall and real connections can be made.

I have shared my testimony with many people and it has fostered much deeper relationships than I ever had before. So that’s what we want to do; connect people together through humility and vulnerability. We’re creating our own platform for it at www.moderntestament.org, but Medium is also a great vehicle too.

So, we want to publish stories of people being REAL — not just social-media-perfection-real, but really real with their struggles, pains, hopes, and saving graces. Let’s unite for good on the Internet, finally. Let’s connect those who need help to those who can.

— medium.com/themoderntestament

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