67 Fr. Mike Schmitz's Face is the New Evangelization

Episode 67 · November 7th, 2016 · 2 hrs 9 mins

About this Episode

This is our first time back in three weeks, having recorded the last two episodes originally as one long episode. Then Luke’s internet completely died in their classy, old apartment building, so we recorded late on Saturday night. But you’ve patiently waited on us, so we will gift you with a special 2 hour episode! 

We start off with a return of 10 minute topics as our Hero Luke launches a GoFundMe Campaign for That Catholic Couple which met its goal in just 32 hours. 

Immediately following that we begin to argue with one another about Community Groups for 45 minutes, breaking the 10 minute limit. 

After that, we regrouped, I drank more wine, and we discuss Dr. Strange and crappy Marvel villains, Pop Culture, Who Gomer voted for in the Early Elections, Jimmy Eat World, and the podcast State of the Union.


We want to thank our unsponsor who unadvertised with our unpodcast, Cherubalm, makers of baby lotion bars that are great on skin and safe for cloth diapers, for giving us money not to talk about their family product. 

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