60 #This Catfish Girl

Episode 60 · September 16th, 2016 · 1 hr 11 mins

About this Episode

Catholic Twitter was delivered a crushing blow by one of its own members. Turns out, dozens of people, especially a college student and author named Chad, were catfished, which means essentially that you form a relationship with someone via social media and the whole time they are only pretending to be that person. (Here's an actual Catholic News Agency article on it.)

Luke finds it hilarious. I do too, but only because I wasn't involved and am not really a part of Catholic Twitter, being too busy watching the Apple Keynote a few dozen times. But Luke masterfully connects this incident of catfishing to a wider issue, the ANIMA TECHNICA VACUA.

Also, Luke is annoyed somewhat that people are taking this waaaay too seriously. For example: "As I consider ThisCatholicGirl in light of Exaltation of the Holy Cross, I am going to be honest—this is a conversation I am hesitant to have, because behind the public personas of the handle and Chase’s blog," (Marina Olson, Patheos Eating Peaches blog, emphasis mine)

Also, there some South Park references and a whole slew of "tiny penis" jokes, but I can neither confirm nor deny their validity.

Finally, Matt Fradd is apparently catfishing all of us. The real person behind the mask? An actual catfish named Whiskers. 

Also, buy his book, Pints with Aquinas


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