54 A Gomer will save us

Episode 54 · August 5th, 2016 · 1 hr 7 mins

About this Episode

We open talking about Apple products and their over-design that just doesn't make sense and is making Gomer kind of crazy in a First World Problem sort of way.

Songs of Gomer's heroism

  • I need a hero
  • we could be heroes - david bowie or the wallflowers
  • Mariah - and then a hero comes along
  • Nickleback - hero

Remember that terrible Puddle of Mudd song where they sing,  "I like your pants around your feet?" Well we got a story about that. But more importantly, Luke thought it said, "I like your pants around your face." WELL IT TURNS OUT IT'S NICKLEBACK!!! It's called "Figured You Out" apparently. Apparently...

Spider-Man 3’s demo scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtx18tPNda4 

Then we talk about accidental racism, sexism, bigotry, and how we tend to defend our motivations instead of changing our actions. Also, "people first."

Luke gives us a Ghostbusters review from The Incomparable podcast, episode 310 “I hated Mrs Slimer”.

FINALLY, Gomer is a Hero and he tells his self-aggrandizing tale of intervening in a domestic dispute. Luke longs for a news report to be about a "local podcaster" being a hero and encouraging everyone to leave iTunes reviews. 

But more importantly, we talk about her reactions to the abuse and assistance. She is constantly apologizing for being abused. Luke connects this to a common thing in movies where women are constantly trying to prop up men's emotional states and apologize for everything, even if it isn't their fault. This horrible tale ends with my innocent daughter Kateri making fun of me.

Possible Alternative Show Titles

  • NuMetal Harry Potter
  • A gomer can save you
  • A gomer- some people hear it, some people fear it
  • The Humblebrag
  • Your thoughts?