Catholic Creatives, Ventures, and Store with Anthony D'Ambrosio and Matt Meeks

Episode 360 · November 13th, 2022 · 1 hr 16 mins

About this Episode

I sit down and chat with Matt Meeks of Catholic Ventures and Anthony D'Ambrosio, Head of Product at Catholic.Store and founder of Catholic Creatives.

Catholic Ventures acquired Catholic Creatives because Matt Meeks saw the movement that Anthony is his team had begun and wanted to ensure that it would keep rolling. Anthony and Matt have worked together and are now collaborating on bringing creative and talented folks together in where you'll find big and small Catholic publishers, jewelry makers, artists, and Sock Religious.

There is a new Catholic aesthetic in town and it doesn't look like shitty modernist Crayola-level crap. It's excellent and big-time Catholic publishers are finally taking notice.

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Episode Links

  • Catholic Ventures — Innovation at the Service of the Church.
  • Why Catholic Creatives Matters — Catholic Creatives — While the business side of this acquisition makes sense, for the team at Catholic Ventures this is much more than an acquisition. Catholic Creatives provides not just the hope that God has a purpose in the work we are doing, it renews our hope that He is up to something even bigger in the world through His Church. 
  • About — Catholic Creatives — We believe that the greatest force of evangelization and social change in our world is beauty.
  • Catholic.Store
  • Lion & Lamb — Introducing Lion & Lamb Wholesome children's books to your front door every 3 months.
  • About — — Sherwood Fellows is a team of strategists, designers, and storytellers that helps visionary leaders make a real sustainable impact that scales.