Dr. Abigail Favale on Gender Theory, with surprise guest LUKE CAREY!

Episode 348 · July 3rd, 2022 · 1 hr 28 mins

About this Episode

I love Dr. Abigail Favale and her work in the Church is much needed. Her new book, The Genesis of Gender: A Christian Theory by Ignatius Press is out and is poppin' fresh. We discuss the main figures of the feminist movement and the core of their philosophies as it shifts into the gender movement: Simone de Beauvoir, Margaret Sanger, and Judith Butler.

Then Luke walks in. Literally, he walked straight into her conference room where Dr. Favale was recording and joined the show. His audio sucks because he's on his phone. I spent 40 minutes just trying to make it sound better. This is what you get.

Anywho, good conversation. And boy do I miss Lukey.

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Episode Links

  • Into the Deep- Wipf and Stock Publishers
  • The Genesis of Gender — The question of gender—who we are as men and women—has never been more pressing, or more misunderstood. Weaving personal experience with expert knowledge, Dr. Abigail Favale provides an in-depth yet accessible account of the gender paradigm: a framework for understanding reality and identity that has recently risen to prominence. Favale traces the genealogy of gender to its origins in feminism and postmodern thought, describing how gender has come to eclipse sex, and how that shift is reshaping language, law, medicine, sexuality, and our own self-perceptions.