Beige Boomers, Rad Trads, and the New Traditionalism with Dr. Larry Chapp

Episode 339 · April 30th, 2022 · 55 mins 11 secs

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Yeah. I miss Luke, too.

We discuss all things liturgy in this second half of our conversation. Vatican II's theology was great, but its pastoral implementation, which is ironic, was miserable. Also we find out Dr. Larry Chapp is an adult Altar Boy... An ALTAR MAN!

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  • A Manifesto of the New Traditionalism | Gaudium et Spes 22 — The Catholic Church is the guardian of the Sacred Tradition passed onto the disciples by Jesus Christ. In this age of deracination, it is no wonder that new generations are returning to tradition, rediscovering its forgotten heritage, both in the Church and in the world. But whenever the Spirit guides men to Truth, the Devil will strive to pervert their good intentions. As Catholics, we hold fast to all that is good in the movement for the restoration of lost traditions and oppose all appearances of evil. It has become evident that the Devil’s tool to ruin the traditionalism of the 21st century is the spirit of the Pharisees, who opposed the renewal of the Spirit and the Good News of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We reject the white-washed tombs of this dead traditionalism.