Tired With You vs. Tired Of You

Episode 333 · March 5th, 2022 · 1 hr 18 mins

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Tiredness and Hyperactivity/Hyperpassivity. I-tiredness vs. we-tiredness. I am not tired “of you” but “with you.” God sanctifies space: Garden of Eden. God sanctifies time: Sabbath rest. Sabbath is the rest from work, that then enables us to offer worship.

Lent: glorified self-improvement vs charity towards our neighbor.

Hans Urs von Balthasar (Heart of the World): Obedience to the church means we do it NOW, within the framework of the Church. Sabbath day is a day of not-to, a day free of all in-order-to. But you have to cut off work. Saturday night is crucial for Sunday mornings’ grace. Vespers. Lord’s Day. etc.

“God’s paradise is a utilitarian’s Hell.”

Shared Prayer, Mission, Fellowship, Learning. From this shared life, stuff will just start. It will just start happening. You don’t need anything else other than time and regularity. So can you create a space where these things just happen and when they do happen, can you cultivate these things?

Luke’s one thing he would change about his Young Adult Ministry: the Core Team happened and it was “You need to just be friends and pray together.” Fellowship, friendship, needs to precede Mission. Mission brings us together, as a friendship rooted in a common good. But if the communion doesn’t happen, if friendships are not actually made, then the mission becomes a driver to hyperactivity and loses its connection to actual mission. It’s externalized because it hasn’t made friends yet.

Sometimes it fails because of God. Sometimes it fails because of us.

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