Episode 309 · September 4th, 2021 · 1 hr 14 mins

About this Episode

The Artist plays with symbols without necessarily knowing fully what they mean. And when Art is bent to tell a moral and not a story, it becomes Propaganda.

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  • Catching Foxes: Sin as Micro-dosing Divinity — Gomer likes talking shit about people. Why? You are called to be a tiny god, but you aren’t acting like it, so you stomp on others to fake elevate yourself. A micro-dose of divinity. Sin as false-theosis, self-divinization is always pulling God down to our level, whereas divine filiation is God lifting us up to His level, as it were. The goal is to feel more than human, but I cannot do that for myself, so I have to bring down other humans. Yet, to be “more than human” in reality is to be humble, realizing that you can’t make yourself more than human on your own, you need God to do that. But why work? Why asceticism and mortification? If I have free will, where does God’s grace come in? The hypostatic union is the only answer!
  • Aristotle: Poetics — Poetry is more "philosophical" than history, according to Aristotle, because in order to unfold a plot in a manner that is convincing to the audience, the poet must grasp and represent the internal logic, the necessity, of the outcome of those events.
  • (1) Sia - Diamonds (Acoustic) - YouTube
  • (1) Sia's full interview with Howard Stern 2014 - YouTube — Sia's full interview with Howard Stern 2014