4 Big Topics: Gomer's Update, Atonement Theology, Wokism and Gospel Dignity, and Super League

Episode 291 · April 23rd, 2021 · 1 hr 26 mins

About this Episode

Special thank you to all of the Patrons and fans of the show that have prayed for the Gormley family!

*Topic One (about 20 minutes): * We are healing and still hurting a lot, too. I have read every email, comment, and text from you all and even read them to my wife before her D&C surgery.

Topic Two (about 40 minutes): Gomer has been doing a lot of reading and research into Atonement theology, especially as it revolves around St. Paul's enigmatic phrase, "Works of the Law". There's a great podcast and interview with Dr. Matthew Thomas on John DeRosa's "The Classical Theism Podcast". They discuss the Second Century Fathers and their concepts of what "works of the law" means (spoiler: it doesn't mean what Martin Luther said). Also applicable is the Dr. Bergsma book Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls where the second to last chapter goes through the Essene theology of the very phrase "Works of the Law". In fact, it is the title of one of the scrolls they found! (Spoiler: it isn't at all what Martin Luther said it was).

Topic Three (About 15 minutes): Wokism, BLM, MeToo, LGBT+ Activism and Luke's theory that the Christian underpinnings of the culture are preventing it from getting more violent. Gomer disagrees a bit, but not entirely.

Topic Four (About 15 minutes): Luke teaches Gomer about the Super League, its origin story and its rapid demise. Gomer responds with the philosophy of Aladair MacIntyre's notion of Internal and External Goods to a Practice. And Gomer finds a way to yet again quote Alexis de Touqville's "Democracy in America" and the concept of homo solus.

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