Gomer Interviews Fradd

Episode 282 · February 19th, 2021 · 1 hr 31 mins

About this Episode

Luke has COVID and is exhausted, so pray for his recovery and that of his wife, too! I interview Matt Fradd, friend of the show and host of Pints with Aquinas. I ask him questions from our Patrons and we talk about his big move up to Steubenville.

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Episode Links

  • 7 Reasons to LOVE St. Thomas Aquinas | Pints with Aquinas — In this episode, I explain seven reasons why St. Thomas Aquinas was a great writer, teacher, and saint. Here’s your chance to get to know the Angelic Doctor as a person and learn: – What Aquinas was like as a kid, and why his own brothers kidnapped him – What he did when he found a prostitute in his room – How he found the best arguments both for and against his own positions – Some of the fantastic questions he asked that we still ask today, like do dogs go to Heaven? (And I tell you what his answers are) – Why he said you should cry and take hot baths (yes, he said that). I hope that after this episode, you’ll love Aquinas even more!
  • Sibling Horror — Hugh Kinsey was a dead-beat dad who abandoned his family in pursuit of a new life, and when he met Bunny, he thought he'd found it. Blinded by his infatuation with her, he failed to notice Bunny’s dark secret until it tried to swallow him whole.