Gomer's Ordeal, plus Interview with Fr. Dave Pivonka and Prof. Bob Rice!

Episode 280 · February 5th, 2021 · 1 hr 39 mins

About this Episode

Gomer intervened again, but this time it seems to have been very costly. There is chaos where there used to be safety.

After the 30-minute story time, we go into our interview with Fr. Dave Pivonka and Prof. Bob Rice of the Franciscan University of Steubenville!

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  • “They That Hope” Delivers Humor and Encouragement — Father Dave Pivonka, TOR, and Dr. Bob Rice of Franciscan University of Steubenville have joined forces on “They That Hope,” a new weekly podcast launched on September 30, 2020. The co-hosts want to help listeners find “humor and hope in a crazy world” and to understand that “God is still present in the world and the Church is still holy and beautiful,” said Father Pivonka, president of Franciscan University.
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