Voyeurism, Personas, and Vulnerability

Episode 255 · August 7th, 2020 · 1 hr 16 mins

About this Episode

Luke is a "moody douchebag and needs to repent" (his words and not mine!)
Youth Ministry
The high school sports and Gomer was fat
Youth Ministry once again
Luke: “I don’t trust people in ministry who don’t feel like they should be doing something else”
Gomer: Why I went into youth ministry, professional catholicism
Luke: Understanding the calling
Gomer: Core Team and Community
Luke: “the best ministry is by tight community”
Gomer: “like boy bands…”
Luke: on Hanson, Tool
Gomer: I wanted to listen to CSYSK, but my new audiobook was released, soooo...
Luke: introduces the next episode; Addicted to Mediocrity; Watch The Matrix
Gomer: I loved the idea behind The Matrix 2 & 3
Luke Blank Check podcast on The Matrix
Luke: intro show topic
Gomer: Gomer Reads Luke’s tweets on baby sharts (with a sick piano ballad underneath)
Luke: I’m totally fine with breast milk
Gomer: you should be a lactation consultant
Luke: intros topic again
Luke reads DM to Sarah (with a sick piano ballad, again)
Gomer: passive-aggressive ma
Luke: Vulnerability in honesty
Gomer: anti-vulnerability as persona
Luke: You’re causing more hurt b/c it’s not real!
Gomer: The W’s are terrible
Gomer: vulnerability not voyeurism
Luke: honesty in presenting on a stage
Luke: the medium is the message, podcast lets you unpack, enough distance to analyze and not “I need to get this off of my heart”
Luke shares his vulnerability - God’s voice
Gomer shares his demonic voice
Luke and Gomer talk horror movies
Gomer: Karate Kid with my kids

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