25 Andy Talks Social Media Evangelism

Episode 25 · December 4th, 2015 · 1 hr 1 min

About this Episode

Ah yes. Our old pal from college, Andy Lesnefsky. Luke and I remember the living embodiment of a prank phone call. Andy is all grown up now and helped evangelize tens of thousands of people through his #ShareJesus campaign at RedeemedOnline.com last Lent, and is going even bigger for this Advent.

But even more important that #ShareJesus is the way Andy is dedicated to his original work as a high school youth minister. He ditched ladder-climbing years ago and has remained at the same parish for the last 10 years, building relationships and changing lives.

We talk about his founding RedeemedOnline.com because of the total lack of a Social Media strategy by Catholic ministries to engage the billions of people online. His videos last year got 1.5 million views and he's learned a lot from this campaign, which he freely shares on this episode. This one is a keeper. And a sharer. #ShareAndy

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