New Year Themes and New York!

Episode 226 · January 10th, 2020 · 1 hr 50 mins

About this Episode

Luke dares to ask the question: "During pregnancy, why don't people ask how much the dad is suffering, HUH?!" Gomer dares to enter the Big Apple for Sexy Paycation 2020. Then we discuss what our 2019 Themes were and our 2020 Themes, ending with a Top Five for 2019!

Luke is drinking a Ten Fidy, Barrel-aged, very good | Gomer is drinking Vista Bay


  • The Mandalorian ended strongly and on a good note. Erin is not about Disney+ and Luke canceled it without finishing the show. Pregnancy is powerful, which leads us to…

  • Women, you have it hard, but don’t we dads have it hard, too? Erin is exhausted and now Luke has to do all of the cleaning, podcasting, cooking, and Disney+ watching. “I am so tired. How am I so tired?”

  • New York was a sexy, sexy trip!

  • Babymoon in San Antonio! Spending money on the last trip before the first baby.


_Themes are not New Years’ Resolutions. _

Resolutions are stupid because you inevitably over promise but under deliver. Themes are guiding stars or background processes that color all that you do and just hang out, reminding you of something that you need guidance on, not something that you should feel guilty about.

Gomer: Habits
Gomer wants habits that are good, strong, and healthy, so his is by defining failure as whatever new habit he’s committed to, he has to do it every day or every other day, but never miss two days in a row. It builds habits while leaving room for travel, illness, life, etc.

Luke: Commitment
Commitment to his job means not letting things slip.


5- Buying a House,
4- The Ringer Podcast Network and rekindling Luke’s love for the podcast medium and our podcast together,
3- Uncut Gem, Joker, Avengers: Endgame,
2- Alaska Trip,
1- Carey Babies!

5- GoFundMe for Small Groups,
4- St Louis Trip with Family and Luke,
3- Steubenville East with Sr. Miriam,
2- Alaska Trip, Joe Rutz’s car, Theresa’s house, etc.,
1- SEEK 2019

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