Moleman in the Morning

Episode 217 · November 8th, 2019 · 1 hr 22 mins

About this Episode

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Gratuitous Simpsons Clip

One of Luke's favorite soccer podcast is back! 'JD & The Rod' are of one several podcasts that gave Luke the courage to pitch to Catching Foxes to Gomer. American Soccer fans need to listen to this. Talking to you, Andrea.

SIbling Horror
Short horror stories written by Emma and Matt Fradd. Our plan is to release one per month.

Decent Films

American Footall

Im waiting for the file to finish, so here are three songs that I love from a band I love.

So lets just pretend
Everything and
Anything between you and me
Was never meant

What's the alure of inconsequential love?

Truth or dare
Love is the cross you bear
J'ai mal au cœur, c'est la faute de l'amour

Why wont this file load, its almost 4 am. I just want to go to bed.

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