Luke Stops Vomiting, a Christmas Miracle!

Episode 173 · December 28th, 2018 · 37 mins 29 secs

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Christmas Stuff
-left all my stuff at home that I would normally use, but everyone cleared out of the room
-shoe-horning this episode FOR THE FANS!
-Christmas presents: Luke got scarves, Gomer got the Word on Fire classics

Aquaman (critical, but not really spoilers)
-GI Joe, but underwater, and not good
-recognized Ocean Master only when he put his silly Bible Man mask on
-senseless action sequences that went on for far too long
-Hero’s journey story that is weaker than weak
-No chemistry between the leads
-made aqua man cool, but cannot save the DC universe like Wonder Woman almost did
-Some visuals were really awesome, CGI is this movie, like the prequels

Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse
-great visuals, but we sat too close that at times it actually hurt to watch
-great characters that, even in the silliness, made sense within the movie
-Miles Morales is not a copycat spider-man, but has his own powers that stand him out
-Puberty is difficult

New Years’ Themes
Gomer: Year of New Things
Luke: Year of Maturity

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