Perverting the Gospel out of Sympathy or just not being a D...

Episode 166 · November 9th, 2018 · 1 hr 27 mins

About this Episode

Gomer's essay on authentic accompaniment vs a false missionary zeal, or "accommodation." Gomer and Luke trade sympathetic barbs at one another.

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  • False Missionary Zeal | Gomer and Luke on Patreon — There is a false missionary zeal that remains a perpetual temptation in the Church for her members, born from perhaps a good heart, but definitely from a inadequate grasp of the truths of the faith. It is a zeal that would change but a little of some inessential Church teaching, or merely the language that surrounds or presents some topic or other, to make it more palpable to the world. These soft changes and subtleties are not about essentials like the Trinity or Christology or the Sacraments, but things further down the hierarchy of truths, less-than-essential, or so the thought goes. What is this false missionary zeal? It is the desire to win souls in the world by appealing to the worldly in a worldly fashion. It is making the gospel of Christ and his Church carnal and not spiritual in order to appeal to the carnal man or woman.
  • Two Kinds of Jesuits - The Imaginative Conservative — In the second half of the seventeenth century, the Jesuits in Europe had the reputation of being liberal. Contrasting with the Calvinistic-type Jansenists, the Jesuits were known for making whatever compromise necessary to advance the faith. So Hilaire Belloc in Characters of the Reformation wrote, “The great effect of the Jesuits had been to recover Europe for the Faith by making every sort of allowance—trying to understand and by sympathy to attract the worldly and the sensual and all the indifferent, and insisting the whole time on the absolute necessity of loyalty to the Church. Defend the unity of the Church, and talk of other things afterwards: preserve the Church which was in peril of destruction; only then, when you have leisure, after the battle, debate other things.” This accommodating spirit caused them to be viewed with suspicion by more dogmatically minded Catholics and, along with their political intrigues, led to their suppression in 1773 by Pope Clement XIV.
  • About - Courage International, Inc. — "These men and women testify to the power of grace, the nobility and resilience of the human heart." — Cardinal Robert Sarah
  • Desire of the Everlasting Hills — Here are three intimate and candid portraits of Catholics who try to navigate the waters of self-understanding, faith, and homosexuality: Dan, a gregarious artist who spent his life hiding a deep sense of isolation from those who loved him; Rilene, a successful businesswoman who realized that twenty-five years with her partner did not provide the fulfillment she had hoped for; and Paul, an international model who, after a life of self-indulgence, found grace in the last place he expected.
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