16 My Lack of Self-Confidence Makes Me Better Than You

Episode 16 · September 29th, 2015 · 1 hr 15 mins

About this Episode


We dive into our Facebook account messages and posts for your questions that you wanted us to answer. Seeing as how we are super smart and such, we cover them all in our 10 minutes or less format of choice. You asked. We answered. Your welcome!

But first we yell at our listeners for saying that we talk too long. YEAH, DUNCAN, I'M TALKING TO YOU. THIS EPISODE IS OVER AN HOUR LONG. DEAL!

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  • Matt Walsh: Friend? Asshole? Friendly Asshole? Is he me?
  • What is the "the world"? Am I supposed to love it? Hate it? Tickle its armpits?
  • How bad is cussing? (Especially considering the Matt Walsh comment above)
  • Should Nancy Pelosi be Excommunicated for her public stance advocating for abortion?
  • Should Democrats be more heard out by Catholics today?
  • Then Luke plunges into his experience at the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, which is cool, but has nothing to do the topic...
  • Kim Davis, a very nice lady from Kentucky who I'm sure she means well...
  • Then Luke throws out his authentic, original, artisanal question: "Why do we think that screaming at the top of our lungs about how right we are is more convincing than Christian joy amongst intense pain and suffering...?" (Gomer responds with an AMAZING quote on Christian boldness)
  • Oh crap, then humility vs pride is asked, and we loose our minds arguing over whether it is OK to have self-confidence and the role of ordered/disordered self-love
  • Also, "Avant Garde Post-Modern Jazz" DRINK!
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Gomer is listening to Days of the New and Luke is listening to Colin Stetson's To See More Light.

Thanks to BenSounds.com for the theme song!

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