Luke Gets Catholicly Creative

Episode 159 · September 21st, 2018 · 1 hr 10 mins

About this Episode

On this episode we recount Luke's travels to the CATHOLIC CREATIVES SUMMIT in Dallas, Texas, do a brief interview with Michael and Tony from Project YM and Catholic Beard Balm Co, talk about the heart of 'thick community', and Gomer smashes the Scandal yet again.

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Episode Links

  • Building Radical Catholic Communities - YouTube — We live in a post-Christian society where our culture has shifted away from Christ and gospel values, which means following Jesus will only get more difficult. That is why we need each other. For many years, Michael Gormley has been creating communities with Christ-centered friendships. Don’t Walk Alone is the first in a series of programs designed specifically to help you build community. All you need to do is gather two or three people together, download the free videos and discussion questions, and start having meaningful conversations-- together.
  • CC Summit
  • The Catholic Creatives Summit — CC Summit — A New Garden In the beginning God created He made us in His image, naked and without shame, co-creators with him in the garden we shared. Our sin was our loss. We covered ourselves and fled into exile, a world where we are anything but free. But God sent his Son to raise up a New Garden from the fruit of the tree of life, the cross, and now beckons us back. But to go back, we have to remove the leaves that cover us. This year’s Summit will be a cry for a belonging, unity, identity, and hope among creatives such that they are free to unleash the New Renaissance the world so desperately needs.
  • Thrive | The Online Community for Catholic Youth Ministers — COMMUNITY The number one thing youth ministers across the country have been telling us they need is community. We all love national conferences because we get a chance to spend a few days with other folks who just get it. The backbone of Thrive is our community.
  • Our Story | Catholic Balm Co — It all started with Tony Vasinda. Tony was teaching adults about the sacrament of Confirmation at his parish and decided he wanted an ounce of unconsecrated chrism oil (the oil of Confirmation) to help with that lesson. He called around to figure out where he could buy an ounce of that oil. And turns out the smallest quantity you can buy it in is enough to make three gallons of chrism oil.