About This Episode

Luke explains what happens when you drink that you're a twentysomething, but wake up realizing you're a thirtysomething. We talk about whether we're getting more virtuous or just getting older. Encounter Houston was a blast. Friends, food, fun, a Presidential Suite, Gomer leaving early to teach RCIA classes, and all that jazz. Gomer will be a speaker at Encounter Milwaukee in November if you still want to attend a great young adult conference.

From the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel, literally hundreds of shots rang out, killing 58 people and causing hundreds to be injured. He was a white male, a successful businessman, and had no reported mental illnesses or extremist ties, yet he caused the worst shooting massacre in US history. This is now a near-monthly occurrence in America and it shows no sign of stopping. What is the answer? The man legally owned an arsenal of weapons. Something should be done and we discuss some options.

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